li·brar·y ˈlīˌbrərē, ˈlīb(ə)rē/
noun: library ; plural noun: libraries

  1. a building or room containing collections of books, periodicals, and sometimes films and recorded music for people to read, borrow, or refer to.
  2. a selection of articles that believes will assist our audience in understanding some of the background, details and even the absurdities? of what is happening in our government.
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The Art of the Deal, by Donald J. Trump with Tony Schwartz
By Dave Sanasack, on Sep, 10 2015
As good of a read today as it was in 1987. A consistent message of winning through calculated risk … a formula of analysis … that doesn’t seem to exist in government … because it’s not their money … and no one takes the blame and no one loses their job. America needs a leader willing to make America great again and lead government to be efficient and smart with our tax dollars. Politicians talk about eliminating waste and fraud … this book serves as a guide to how it actually can be done. Enough of the politicians who are all talk and no action … enough of it’s always been this way and can’t be changed … enough of wasting American’s hard-earned tax dollars … it’s time to elect a manager to manage America better. For the Real Deal, Vote! COPYRIGHT 2015 LATTEBOY.COM
One Nation: What We Can All Do To Save America’s Future, by Ben Carson, MD with Candy Carson
By Dave Sanasack, on Sep, 09 2015
  Brilliant with Common Sense … the man and the ideas … to save America’s Future. Dr. Carson asks us all to engage in the future of this country and offers sound principles that transcend political party lines. He believes in a strong future for this country … if we act now … to elect leaders who bring a new strategy to guide America’s path to prosperity and security. Out with the political agenda and in with the smart, common sense approach to fix America that is anything but common and for everything, makes sense. Save America’s Future and Vote! COPYRIGHT 2015 LATTEBOY.COM
Rising to the Challenge: My Leadership Journey, by Carly Fiorina
By Dave Sanasack, on Sep, 08 2015
Refreshing to hear results-oriented ideas to actually get things done … as Carly says herself … Accomplishment not just Activity … impressive journey of success, results, courage and conviction … just what America needs now … a voice to be listened to … wisdom amongst the noise … thoughtful ideas for how we can once again become a nation of limitless possibility! America Needs Success, Vote! COPYRIGHT 2015 LATTEBOY.COM
Time To Get Tough: Make America Great Again! by Donald J. Trump
By Dave Sanasack, on Sep, 07 2015
Cost of book … Free at Shipping & Handling … $4.95 Message … PRICELESS   A must read for every American … Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, Republicans and non-voters … for everyone who wants to live in a strong America once again.   It is sickening to realize the interconnection of government incompetence, waste and fraud that is bringing America to the brink of financial disaster. Read this Book Before you Vote! COPYRIGHT 2015 LATTEBOY.COM
A More Perfect Union: What We the People Can Do to Reclaim Our Constitutional Liberties, by Ben Carson, MD with Candy Carson
By Dave Sanasack, on Sep, 06 2015
All Americans will appreciate relearning the importance of the Constitution of the United States and how this time-tested document impacts your life every day. You will have a renewed appreciation for the Founding Fathers and their achievement in crafting a living document that not only is still reverent today but crucial to our government structure. Read this Book and then Vote! COPYRIGHT 2015 LATTEBOY.COM
Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, by Peter Schweizer
By Dave Sanasack, on Sep, 05 2015
What a brave compilation … of money for favor … that doesn’t pass the most basic smell test. Compelling and consistent examples of selling out America’s interests … Peter Schweizer has done a service to the American people by shining a light on dark secrets of the Clintons. Read this Book BEFORE you vote! COPYRIGHT 2015 LATTEBOY.COM