1. li·brar·y ˈlīˌbrərē, ˈlīb(ə)rē/

    noun: library; plural noun: libraries 

    • a building or room containing collections of books, periodicals, and sometimes films and recorded music for people to read, borrow, or refer to.
    • a selection of books that believes will assist our audience in understanding some of the background, details, and even the absurdities of what is happening in or government.




We learned at an early age that the oldest book in the world was the Gutenberg Bible printed in 1455 by Johannes Gutenberg. Much later we were shocked to learn that the Chinese had printed Diamond Sutra in 868 BC. History aside, a book by any definition is a work of art delivering knowledge at your chosen time and place for absorption, entertainment, or education.

Whatever your delivery method of choice is, this information is readily available. remembers how we could GET SMART by watching Maxwell Smart used his shoe phone as just a phone, not knowing that in a few short years he could email or text Agent 99 with his crime solving solutions. Equally interesting was reading the Dick Tracy comic books and seeing him use his “2 way wrist radio” to both tell time and make calls. Today Mr. Tracy would use his ‘iwatch’ to connect his electronic and computing platforms and using ‘Al Gore’s Amazing Internet,’ solve crime at the speed of light.

Bottom still enjoins the old fashioned way of gathering knowledge and entertainment by purchasing hardbacks from the local bookstore and keeping them with the intention that when we reach room temperature (dead) the collection will be of interest and value to our offspring. We are providing access into our library to share some of our favorite authors and their works and as a way to demonstrate our mission to ‘educate and entertain.’ All agree that reading to a child helps two minds and souls at once. also believes that reading to a democrat is like teaching a chicken to swim.

Research provided by Ms. Lee (Siri S. Lee)

Wake up America and start reading!