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The Great Wall of Mexico
By Dave Sanasack, on Jul, 10 2016
I have always been a strong supporter of stemming the tsunami of illegals entering the United States through our Southern border. It seems that no matter what President Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) and his marginally talented and opaque-transparent administration try to do, the Norwegians keep coming. Even the Boarder Patrol is emulating the Bassmaster Tournament…
This Security’s Awful (TSA)
By Dave Sanasack, on Jun, 07 2015
The recent report outlining the dismal performance by the Transportation Security Administration, TSA, should make the hair on the back of your neck stand up and be placed in the full upright and locked position, similar to your inflight tray table. The latest test, just released, exposed that on 70 attempts to get explosives and…
Operation Shiite Sandwich
By Dave Sanasack, on May, 03 2015
Just when we think we have heard everything, President Barrack Hussein Obama (BHO) seems to reach deep down into the crazy bag and pull out another whooper. I am referring to his brand new non-strategy to follow his former non-strategy. This tactical stinker is to send 450 ‘advisors’ to Iraq to assist the Iraqi government…