ab1 is an online opinion column presenting a Voice of Reason, wrapped in a satirical format, highlighting the working and non-working elements of our blessed and all-knowing government. It is written by Dave Sanasack and published weekly with numerous special editions along the calendar’s winding road.


Dave is a “Seasoned Boomer”, who gathers information and reports on the current political environment from his favorite establishment, the Bean and Bull coffee shop located near the seat of our federal government. Dave grew up in the People’s Republic of Minnesota (PRM) and following college he accepted an invitation (draft notice) to join the Marine Corps and travel to far away places and see the world. At that time the far away place was a country called South Vietnam where there was “a conflict” in progress. Remember from your government issued history books, a war started by a Democratic President (Kennedy), and escalated by another Democratic President (Johnson), it is called “a conflict”. Only wars started by Republicans (fill in the blank) are called wars and then usually they are referred to as not being a “Just War”. After twenty years of ‘Doing the King’s Business’, having gone around the world twice (once in each direction) Dave exited the Marine Corps to no fanfare.


The Bean and Bull coffee shop dates almost from the beginning of our current political experiment and one can envision George Washington sitting at the big round corner table leaning on his surveyor stick and opining on King George’s latest edict. The floors are random width hard pine well worn from 200 years of visitors and the walls are thick stone that could tell some significant stories. It is one block from its nearest competitor, ‘Fourbucks’, which also sells coffee in exchange for half of your daily wage per cup.

Each day Dave takes his regular seat at the big round corner table and lets the information pour in from the usual suspects (customers). While Dave lives in present time he occasionally incorporates historical items as a predictor of the future.

Sit back and enjoy a latte.