United States of Banana Republic

By Dave Sanasack, on Sep, 11 2016

Of course it is slang. A “Banana Republic” is right up there with a “Third World Country” and ‘The People’s Republic of Minnesota.’

For background we have to crank up the ‘Wayback Machine’ to obtain some historical perspective. The term, “Banana Republic,” was coined by a writer named, O Henry (real name, William Sydney Porter) and first used in his book Cabbages and Kings in 1904. He used the term to describe a country operated as a commercial enterprise for private profit of an elitist class. He was living in Honduras and on the run from Texan authorities for embezzlement. Were he alive today, he would be a senior board member of the Clinton Global Crime Syndicate Foundation Initiative (CGCSFI).

These phrases are commonly used when discussing a country that is either, out of control, going in the wrong direction, lead by amateurs or oblivious to reality. And until recently, no one would have thought to use these terms when discussing the United States of America.

However, that was before a recent series of events took place by sheer “coincidence.” You will remember that Secretary Hillary Rodman Clinton Rodman (HRCR) has been under investigation for several years regarding her use, storage and distribution of classified material via her private email server. Also, we need to remember that she has “given every possible work related email to the FBI,” except of course for the 33,000 that only include discussions of her yoga schedule and the size of Chelsea’s wedding cake.

While this investigation was ongoing by the Federal Bureau of Ineptitude (FBI), the Department of Justlookaway (DOJ) was doing all it could to slow walk this investigation past the November election. And again, it is by sheer coincidence that President William Jefferson Clinton (Bubba) our impeached, disbarred, and self-described first black president, met Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch (General Grandma) at the Phoenix Airport and had a 30-minute private discussion where they only discussed their grandchildren and golf. There was absolutely no discussion of Hillary’s investigation. Really?

Can a New Team Solve This Puzzle?

By Dave Sanasack, on Aug, 07 2016

This morning at the Bean & Bull, the usual suspects (customers) were in a sober and pensive mood. Lately, most discussions at the big round corner table have dealt with the unbelievable words, thoughts, and actions presented by the Democratic Party (DP) and those running under their banner to be the next President of the United States. Everybody hates hypocritical questions, but what if?

What if Donald J. Trump (The Donald) wins the Republican nomination at the Republican National Committee’s, RNC, Convention in that exotic city of Cleveland on the beaches of Lake Erie? Remember 1969, when the city of Cleveland was known for its Cuyahoga River catching fire? Yes, the water, perhaps being less than pure, caught fire and burned two bridges. How do you put out a fire when the available water is itself burning?

What if the new political brush fire sweeping across America’s fruited plain, again descends on Cleveland and catches fire for a new rebirth of our nation? What if a large group of Democrats, Independents, Republicans and new voters suddenly realize the game is rigged and take action?

What if a significant number of voters channel their inner Peter Finch moment from the 1976 movie, Network, open their windows and shout, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not taking it anymore?” Yes, there is precedent. Remember 1980, when a crazy cowboy from California named Ronald Wilson Reagan (Rawhide) was told to sit down as it was not his turn? How did that work out for the RNC? Well, President Rawhide won 44 states and dispatched President James Earl Carter (Jimmy) to the failed presidential dumpster of history.

What if (The Donald) destroys the Republican establishment and brings real Americans back into a new modern Republican Party? What if the long-suffering American people replace the washed-out, me-too Republican political class? What if America wants to be spared another bellicose politician hell-bent on extending Washington’s elitists ruling class? What if the American voter decides that it does not need another compromiser, reconciler and legislative wizard looking busy while doing nothing to advance America’s interest?

What if a new leader, beholden to no one, drops an intellectual bomb on Capitol Hill, sweeps out the racketeers, Wall Street lobbyists, education monopolies, other crony capitalist and ends the federal gravy train? What if we had a president that actually knew what a balance sheet looked like and decided to charge into America’s fiscal mess like a bull in a china shop? I’ll bet on the bull.

I am Woman Hear Me Screech!

By Dave Sanasack, on Jun, 12 2016

On June 8th, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt went before Congress to ask for a Declaration of War against Japan. His opening sentence was “Yesterday, June 7th, 1941, is a day that shall live in infamy.” President Roosevelt had the day correct, but he was off by 75 years.

History will now reflect that ‘June 7th, 2016, is a day that will live in infamy.’ On this day, the record will show, Secretary Hillary Rodman Clinton Rodman (HRCR) finally completed the rigged democrat primary and caucus process and extinguished Senator Bernie Sanders (The Bern) and limped across the finish line dragging super delegates with her.

As a current events side note, June 7th, 2016, is also the day the State Department announced, at current staffing levels, that it would take 75 years to complete a through inspection of her emails before they could be released to the unwashed masses (citizens). Yes, they assured us that the release of her emails from her private server that may, or may not, contain highly classified government secrets will be ready for inspection in 2091. (They did not give a month).

After Secretary HRCR had the necessary number of delegates to secure the nomination, it was time to assemble her staff, the mainstream media (democratic stenographers) and paid crowd members to cheer widely at her every word. The setting was perfect. American flags everywhere. All Mexico flags used for Trump rallies were locked away. The lighting was professional and showed off her $12,000 Chairman Mao pantsuit with glamor. It was now time to crank up the Teleprompters and let the show begin.

Hillary is Feeling the Bern

By Dave Sanasack, on May, 08 2016

This morning at the Bean & Bull, the discussion was focused on the Democrat Party (DP) and its current machinations to find a qualified nominee to be President of the United Sates of America.

This activity was brought to the forefront by recent programing on PMS-NBC, (the Democrat Party’s wholly owned cable channel). On one of its evening shows, ‘Soft Balls,’ the host asked the party Chairperson, Debbie What’sa Matter You Schultz, to explain the difference between the Democratic Party and the Democratic Socialist Party. Crickets, crickets and more crickets was the sound not heard. Yes, besides having her jaw drop into fly catching position, she had no answer. Interesting.

After returning from a quick commercial break, to ward off embarrassment to their expansive audience of several hundred huddled in the faculty lounges across America, it was apparent that the station crew had shocked her back to normal dibble mode with a defibrillator. Therefore, she again resumed spewing her talking points and pointed out how both DP candidates, age 69 and 74 respectively, were perfect representatives for the party of the youth.

What was pointed out to the Bean & Bull’s usual suspects (customers) is the great difference between the Democratic Party, represented by Secretary Hillary Rodman Clinton Rodman (HRCR) and the Democrat Socialist Party (DSP) represented by Senator Bernard Sanders (The Bern). It seems the parties and the candidates are quite different.

Secretary HRCR, has a long and varied career of standing next to really important elected officials while smiling. First there was President William Jefferson Clinton(Bubba) our impeached, disbarred and self-described first black president, who took her from the hills of Arkansas to the White House, and now to the Clinton Global Crime Syndicate Foundation Initiative (CGCSFI). In between, President Barrack Hussein Obama (BHO) asked her to be his Secretary of State and stay out of Washington as much as possible. In this important position she was to fly to exciting destinations, meet adoring children, accept flowers, return to the plane and resume sending unclassified emails throughout the government and around the world via her non-secure server. In this task she excelled.

Have Your Yellowcake and Eat it Too

By Dave Sanasack, on Apr, 10 2016

The usual suspects (customers) at the Bean & Bull have had numerous heated discussions regarding the super-duper-Blue-Light-Special Iranian deal that gives Iran whatever it wants with regard to building nuclear bombs. This deal was signed, sealed and delivered by Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry (not the real JFK) after several exhausting trips to many really expensive resorts in Europe. After working tirelessly for more than a year (and several bike trips included, see previous article: Tour De Farce) he was able to ensure that Iran got whatever it wanted with regard to making it’s own nuclear bomb(s).

Yes, the master negotiator, who has never worked in the private sector, and perhaps has never read The Art of The Deal, stood toe to toe and looked the Iranians right in the eye, blinked, asked for some eye drops, and said, ‘Yes, whatever you want’. ‘Yes, you can have all the milled uranium oxide (yellowcake) that you want’. ‘Yes, we will give you 100 Billion dollars to cover some of the accounting rounding errors that occurred when we last froze your assets when you were holding our American citizens hostage for 444 days.

Press 2 for English

By Dave Sanasack, on Mar, 13 2016

Regular readers of PoliticalTilt.com know that I have traveled extensively while ‘Doing The King’s Business’ (USMC) and have been involved in several international humanitarian relief efforts. Seeing suffering, want and despair up close leaves an impression on one’s soul. Americans have always been supportive of those less fortunate throughout the world and here at home. Whenever the international ‘bell of disaster’ rings, America is the first to rush to the scene. This assistance for the less fortunate should continue to remain a pacemaker in America’s heart.

President Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) has established an E Z Pass lane (no tokens required) for any and all who want to enter America illegally. I think it might be appropriate to shine a spotlight on the entrance ramp to Anywhere, USA. It is not those less fortunate that are changing the culture of America. It is the wanton left-wing loons who, in their never ending haste to expand the dependent class and Democratic voter base, are willing to sacrifice America’s culture and traditions. It’s time to sound the “All Hands, Battle Stations” alarm.