United States of Banana Republic

By Dave Sanasack, on Sep, 11 2016

Of course it is slang. A “Banana Republic” is right up there with a “Third World Country” and ‘The People’s Republic of Minnesota.’

For background we have to crank up the ‘Wayback Machine’ to obtain some historical perspective. The term, “Banana Republic,” was coined by a writer named, O Henry (real name, William Sydney Porter) and first used in his book Cabbages and Kings in 1904. He used the term to describe a country operated as a commercial enterprise for private profit of an elitist class. He was living in Honduras and on the run from Texan authorities for embezzlement. Were he alive today, he would be a senior board member of the Clinton Global Crime Syndicate Foundation Initiative (CGCSFI).

These phrases are commonly used when discussing a country that is either, out of control, going in the wrong direction, lead by amateurs or oblivious to reality. And until recently, no one would have thought to use these terms when discussing the United States of America.

However, that was before a recent series of events took place by sheer “coincidence.” You will remember that Secretary Hillary Rodman Clinton Rodman (HRCR) has been under investigation for several years regarding her use, storage and distribution of classified material via her private email server. Also, we need to remember that she has “given every possible work related email to the FBI,” except of course for the 33,000 that only include discussions of her yoga schedule and the size of Chelsea’s wedding cake.

While this investigation was ongoing by the Federal Bureau of Ineptitude (FBI), the Department of Justlookaway (DOJ) was doing all it could to slow walk this investigation past the November election. And again, it is by sheer coincidence that President William Jefferson Clinton (Bubba) our impeached, disbarred, and self-described first black president, met Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch (General Grandma) at the Phoenix Airport and had a 30-minute private discussion where they only discussed their grandchildren and golf. There was absolutely no discussion of Hillary’s investigation. Really?