Can a New Team Solve This Puzzle?

By Dave Sanasack, on Aug, 07 2016

This morning at the Bean & Bull, the usual suspects (customers) were in a sober and pensive mood. Lately, most discussions at the big round corner table have dealt with the unbelievable words, thoughts, and actions presented by the Democratic Party (DP) and those running under their banner to be the next President of the United States. Everybody hates hypocritical questions, but what if?

What if Donald J. Trump (The Donald) wins the Republican nomination at the Republican National Committee’s, RNC, Convention in that exotic city of Cleveland on the beaches of Lake Erie? Remember 1969, when the city of Cleveland was known for its Cuyahoga River catching fire? Yes, the water, perhaps being less than pure, caught fire and burned two bridges. How do you put out a fire when the available water is itself burning?

What if the new political brush fire sweeping across America’s fruited plain, again descends on Cleveland and catches fire for a new rebirth of our nation? What if a large group of Democrats, Independents, Republicans and new voters suddenly realize the game is rigged and take action?

What if a significant number of voters channel their inner Peter Finch moment from the 1976 movie, Network, open their windows and shout, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not taking it anymore?” Yes, there is precedent. Remember 1980, when a crazy cowboy from California named Ronald Wilson Reagan (Rawhide) was told to sit down as it was not his turn? How did that work out for the RNC? Well, President Rawhide won 44 states and dispatched President James Earl Carter (Jimmy) to the failed presidential dumpster of history.

What if (The Donald) destroys the Republican establishment and brings real Americans back into a new modern Republican Party? What if the long-suffering American people replace the washed-out, me-too Republican political class? What if America wants to be spared another bellicose politician hell-bent on extending Washington’s elitists ruling class? What if the American voter decides that it does not need another compromiser, reconciler and legislative wizard looking busy while doing nothing to advance America’s interest?

What if a new leader, beholden to no one, drops an intellectual bomb on Capitol Hill, sweeps out the racketeers, Wall Street lobbyists, education monopolies, other crony capitalist and ends the federal gravy train? What if we had a president that actually knew what a balance sheet looked like and decided to charge into America’s fiscal mess like a bull in a china shop? I’ll bet on the bull.