The Great Wall of Mexico

By Dave Sanasack, on Jul, 10 2016

I have always been a strong supporter of stemming the tsunami of illegals entering the United States through our Southern border. It seems that no matter what President Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) and his marginally talented and opaque-transparent administration try to do, the Norwegians keep coming. Even the Boarder Patrol is emulating the Bassmaster Tournament by instituting a “Catch and Release” program. This has greatly decreased the time required to take a person entering our country illegally, which by the way is against the law, and quickly turn them into non-working, government dependent citizens and future Democratic voters.

President BHO is particularly proud of the unskilled foreigners who snuck across the border into America as if it wasn’t against the law. Here they will find sanctuary and an embracing federal government who will pick them up at the boarder, give them food stamps, welfare checks and a fast track to voter registration.

However, when we lift up the sombrero and take a look at the troublesome facts, the picture is not so clear. It turns out that most of these arrivals are not, in fact, highly skilled technology workers. Most are deficient in basic life skills, work experience and are dead broke. Some are even bad people who will never assimilate into America’s culture.

I applaud Mr. Trump for wanting to build ‘The Great Wall of Mexico’ and secure America’s Southern border. Imagine the task for a person who builds the finest buildings in the world to build ‘just’ a wall. Finally Courage and Conviction Meet Common Sense!

Wake up America and catch with no release!


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By, on Dec, 01 2015 5:46 pm

“Just a wall”. That’s pretty funny. I bet Mr. Trump could build a beautiful wall.