Hillary is Feeling the Bern

By Dave Sanasack, on May, 08 2016

This morning at the Bean & Bull, the discussion was focused on the Democrat Party (DP) and its current machinations to find a qualified nominee to be President of the United Sates of America.

This activity was brought to the forefront by recent programing on PMS-NBC, (the Democrat Party’s wholly owned cable channel). On one of its evening shows, ‘Soft Balls,’ the host asked the party Chairperson, Debbie What’sa Matter You Schultz, to explain the difference between the Democratic Party and the Democratic Socialist Party. Crickets, crickets and more crickets was the sound not heard. Yes, besides having her jaw drop into fly catching position, she had no answer. Interesting.

After returning from a quick commercial break, to ward off embarrassment to their expansive audience of several hundred huddled in the faculty lounges across America, it was apparent that the station crew had shocked her back to normal dibble mode with a defibrillator. Therefore, she again resumed spewing her talking points and pointed out how both DP candidates, age 69 and 74 respectively, were perfect representatives for the party of the youth.

What was pointed out to the Bean & Bull’s usual suspects (customers) is the great difference between the Democratic Party, represented by Secretary Hillary Rodman Clinton Rodman (HRCR) and the Democrat Socialist Party (DSP) represented by Senator Bernard Sanders (The Bern). It seems the parties and the candidates are quite different.

Secretary HRCR, has a long and varied career of standing next to really important elected officials while smiling. First there was President William Jefferson Clinton(Bubba) our impeached, disbarred and self-described first black president, who took her from the hills of Arkansas to the White House, and now to the Clinton Global Crime Syndicate Foundation Initiative (CGCSFI). In between, President Barrack Hussein Obama (BHO) asked her to be his Secretary of State and stay out of Washington as much as possible. In this important position she was to fly to exciting destinations, meet adoring children, accept flowers, return to the plane and resume sending unclassified emails throughout the government and around the world via her non-secure server. In this task she excelled.