Have Your Yellowcake and Eat it Too

By Dave Sanasack, on Apr, 10 2016

The usual suspects (customers) at the Bean & Bull have had numerous heated discussions regarding the super-duper-Blue-Light-Special Iranian deal that gives Iran whatever it wants with regard to building nuclear bombs. This deal was signed, sealed and delivered by Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry (not the real JFK) after several exhausting trips to many really expensive resorts in Europe. After working tirelessly for more than a year (and several bike trips included, see previous article: Tour De Farce) he was able to ensure that Iran got whatever it wanted with regard to making it’s own nuclear bomb(s).

Yes, the master negotiator, who has never worked in the private sector, and perhaps has never read The Art of The Deal, stood toe to toe and looked the Iranians right in the eye, blinked, asked for some eye drops, and said, ‘Yes, whatever you want’. ‘Yes, you can have all the milled uranium oxide (yellowcake) that you want’. ‘Yes, we will give you 100 Billion dollars to cover some of the accounting rounding errors that occurred when we last froze your assets when you were holding our American citizens hostage for 444 days.