Press 2 for English

By Dave Sanasack, on Mar, 13 2016

Regular readers of know that I have traveled extensively while ‘Doing The King’s Business’ (USMC) and have been involved in several international humanitarian relief efforts. Seeing suffering, want and despair up close leaves an impression on one’s soul. Americans have always been supportive of those less fortunate throughout the world and here at home. Whenever the international ‘bell of disaster’ rings, America is the first to rush to the scene. This assistance for the less fortunate should continue to remain a pacemaker in America’s heart.

President Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) has established an E Z Pass lane (no tokens required) for any and all who want to enter America illegally. I think it might be appropriate to shine a spotlight on the entrance ramp to Anywhere, USA. It is not those less fortunate that are changing the culture of America. It is the wanton left-wing loons who, in their never ending haste to expand the dependent class and Democratic voter base, are willing to sacrifice America’s culture and traditions. It’s time to sound the “All Hands, Battle Stations” alarm.