Yes, We Have No Strategy

By Dave Sanasack, on Feb, 07 2016

At a press conference following the G7 Summit in Germany where President Barrack Hussein Obama (BHO) appeared with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, (who did not bring her cell phone in case the National Security Agency, NSA, was listening), he got way off message since the Teleprompters were not there.

Alert readers will also remember that the G7 motto, “Think Ahead – Act Together,” used to be called the G8. Research provided by Ms. Lee (Siri S. Lee). However, this was before member Russia violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. The result of this action was to have Russia suspended and voted off the island. Taking over Ukraine was the final straw, but trouble was brewing before this 2014 action as Russian President Putin had the unfortunate habit of giving President BHO the international finger of peace sign.