The “N-Word”

By Dave Sanasack, on Jul, 12 2015

It was an unusual gathering at the big round corner table at the Bean & Bull as discussions were focused on what President Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) had said in California while working hard for the American people. No, he was not on vacation, even though most events were designed to raise money for the Democrat Party and had no official function. We also know it wasn’t a vacation as Mrs. O and the two little oo’s were off on their own taxpayer-funded trip throughout Europe.


So with the family out of town, President BHO gassed up the family jet (Air Force One), threw in his golf clubs and headed west. The first few stops were to vacuum up cash from his Hollywood mogul friends and then it was off to Palm Springs for some down time. However, before hitting the links, President BHO took a detour to the garage of Los Angeles comedian Marc Maron to speak with him on his podcast.