This Security’s Awful (TSA)

By Dave Sanasack, on Jun, 07 2015

The recent report outlining the dismal performance by the Transportation Security Administration, TSA, should make the hair on the back of your neck stand up and be placed in the full upright and locked position, similar to your inflight tray table. The latest test, just released, exposed that on 70 attempts to get explosives and firearms through security, the security testers were successful 67 times, which gives us a smashing failure rate of 96%. It was also found that 73 TSA employees were on the “Terror Related Vetting List.” Is that comforting or what?

Most Americans knew that once all TSA employees became members of a Federal Employee Union, we needed to fasten our seatbelts as we were in for a bumpy ride. This ensured that we would have mediocrity at best and an increase in the democratic voter base at worst. While the above statistics paint a less than flattering picture, we need to remember that TSA has a 100% harassment rate in taking away finger nail clippers, removing breast milk from diaper bags and groping grandma.

All shoeless travelers, from sleep deprived families on vacation to those traveling for business, think TSA should concentrate searching for the terrorism ‘needle in the haystack’ rather than examining each and every piece of hay. I think it would be better to determine the true security risk, as we are not allowed to use the word profiling; it was removed from your government-issued dictionary. Rather TSA makes all harassment equal, similar to giving all children a soccer trophy just for showing up.

I firmly believe there may be some truth to the rumor that TSA employee is a synonym for proctologist in training.

Wake up America and cough!