Secretary Kerry’s Tour de Farce

By Dave Sanasack, on Jun, 19 2015

Alert readers have been following the nuclear diplomatic discussions between the United States and Iran and are questioning the direction of the talks between Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry (not the real JFK) and Foreign Affairs Minster of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif Khonsari. It’s not that we don’t trust Secretary Kerry, but rather it’s that Iran eats our lunch every time we deal with them. So just when the talks were getting “intense,” the Iranian Minister became irritated and flew home. Apparently, he got upset when Secretary Kerry put together the words ‘sanctions’ and ‘redline’ on the Diplomatic Scrabble Board.

Low and behold, this left Secretary Kerry with an open day on his schedule, so naturally, he took the day off. Escorted by his security detail and motorcade, he went to the Tour de France course and mounting Schwinn One, went for a morning ride. Imagine the scene, French Police leading with sirens blaring, the Secret Service following in his armored car and Secretary Kerry peddling along in his official State Department helmet.