Operation Shiite Sandwich

By Dave Sanasack, on May, 03 2015

Just when we think we have heard everything, President Barrack Hussein Obama (BHO) seems to reach deep down into the crazy bag and pull out another whooper. I am referring to his brand new non-strategy to follow his former non-strategy. This tactical stinker is to send 450 ‘advisors’ to Iraq to assist the Iraqi government in their never-ending quest to battle those pesky terrorists. The White House staff quickly threw this new military action together once they realized how incredibly stupid and ill-informed President BHO sounded when he publicly said that he had “no complete strategy” for fighting the terrorists.

Therefore, to make President BHO sound like a real commander-in-chief, the West Wing spin-doctors decided to send in 450 ‘advisors’ as a significant show of force and leadership. They were also quick to point out that they would not be deployed below a Division Headquarters and this contingent would not contain any forward air controllers. I’m quite certain that the White House senior staff would not know an air controller from an air conditioner!

This action will primarily benefit the Sunni tribes, as they seem to be fighting on both sides simultaneously while the Shiite tribes appear to be leaderless and helpless. Most Americans lament that senior military strategists believe that ‘Operation Shiite Sandwich,’ will have little chance to succeed, let alone make a difference.

When the leadership of the most powerful nation in the world honestly believes sending 450 ‘advisors’ to the Middle East to fight terrorism to demonstrate its ability to “lead from behind,” one has to question their motivation. In fact, it is getting so bad that President BHO may be forced to draw another “red line” on a map to demonstrate his resolve.

Wake up American and grab your eraser!

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