Free Speech Is Expensive

By Dave Sanasack, on Apr, 10 2015

The recent news, of the shall we say, ‘exorbitant’ speaking fees demanded by the Clintons as they continue their quest to be just regular citizens struggling to get by financially on $26 Million a year is interesting. Pretending not to be part of the glided top 1% is no easy task. You will remember when President Bill Clinton (Bubba) our impeached, disbarred and self-described first black president, and Mrs. Hillary Rodman Clinton Rodman (HRCR) left the White House, they ‘borrowed’ $100,000 worth of antique White House furniture and said they were “dead broke.”

We know this to be completely factual and true because HRCR declared it to be so! In one of her interviews when she was launching her book tour, she stated that they had exorbitant legal fees from fighting off the vast right-wing conspiracy and employing a fleet of seamstresses to keep Bill’s zipper from malfunctioning.