Please Release the Emails that I Deleted

By Dave Sanasack, on Mar, 08 2015

Today at the Bean & Bull, America’s favorite Barista,, was deeply engrossed in discussions with the usual suspects (customers) at the big round corner table regarding the latest developments in Secretary Hillary Rodman Clinton Rodman’s (HRCR) release of her official emails. Although the discussions had a partisan tone, was able to be the voice of reason in between members of the Democrat-Government-Dependency Party and the Republican-Working-Americans Party.

Everyone agreed she would have to come clean sooner or later and release the emails she sent and received while serving as Secretary of State in President Barrack Hussein Obama’s (BHO) open and transparent administration.

Finally, four years after leaving Foggy Bottom, it appears that Secretary HRCR purposefully ignored official State Department policy by setting up a private non-secure email server. If she had used a secure government server (as required by law), all of her actions, communications and activities would be available for America’s unwashed masses (citizens) to see what was transpiring in their government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Apparently, the risk was too great and might actually expose the inter-workings and co-mingling of Secretary HRCR’s with the Clinton Global Crime Syndicate Foundation Initiative’s (CGCSFI) coordinated actions to gain power and amass a Yuuuuuuuuuuge fortune.

It appears that she used a private Colorado tech company, Platte River Networks, to host her non-secure server located in the bathroom of a residential loft apartment in Denver. Yes, a bathroom! I’m sure the sign on the wall reads ‘Employees Must Wash Their Hands and Wipe the Server before Returning to Work.’